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Susana Lupiañez Pinto


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He finished his studies at the “Superior Conservatory of Dance” in Malaga with an outstanding degree. At the same time that he was studying, he alternated with his first artistic steps. Years later, after seeing her dance, the guitarist Juan Maya Marote made the decision to take her with him to Madrid. For the next three years, La Lupi worked in his Contemporary Dance and Flamenco Company with Ángeles Arranz, touring all over Spain.
In 1999 he created the “Compañía Flamenca La Lupi” which allows him to direct, choreograph and star in his own shows and present them in the most important national and international theaters and festivals in the world.
Among the most outstanding shows are: "RETOrno" , "Cartas a Pastora" (Tribute to Pastora Imperio) and "Mudanza" " La Paula"
In 2008 he recorded and choreographed the video clip “Brindo por ti” by the Malaga artist Diana Navarro.
In 2010 Rafael Amargo produced a show for her called “Princesas del Flamenco” at the Calderón Theater in Madrid.
She presents the Max Music and Dance Awards playing the role of Antonia Merced "La Argentina".
Guest artist in the companies of the bailaores Juan de Juan and Rafael Amargo
In 2012, the singer Miguel Poveda invited her to participate in the “arteSano” Tour for two years, where she performed six dances within the show, recording the DVD of the show live, at the Teatro Real in Madrid.
In 2013 he recorded live the DVD of the show "El Arte por Delante" , at the legendary Tablao Flamenco El Corral de la Morería together with the dancers Ángel Rojas and Pol Vaquero.
Receives the distinction "Sentir Málaga" 2013 award from the XXI Century Foundation for the representation of Malaga in the world, through his dance.
In 2015 the National Ballet of Spain (BNE) asked her to choreograph some Tangos, which she titled
"La fonda de Carmencita" , which is inside the show: "Zaguán"
Together with maestro Antonio Canales he forms a duo in the show “FLAMENCO S”
In 2016 she was a candidate for best dancer at the 2016 Max Awards with the show "Cartas a Pastora"
master's degree
He has spread his teaching in dance classes taught around the world. His peculiar way of dancing and teaching makes him a benchmark for today's young bailaora. From his school, artists have emerged who are currently established in different companies belonging to Flamenco figures.
First prize for free dance of the National Flamenco Contest of La Peña La Perla de Cádiz (Cádiz) for Sigaiyas. 08/25/2007
Second prize for Alegrías of the National Flamenco Contest of Alegrías de la Peña La Perla de Cádiz (Cádiz) 08/25/2007
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