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Hidden Language

Hurt and broken, unable to continue on her way, THE WOMAN enters the ecstasy that is produced by alienation, where the human essence is unmasked, protected by behavior and social forms. The appearance of the memories, no longer the kind and sincere, but those of the fallen angel, end up leaving the bitter taste of not knowing if their own existence has been an illusion. The lack of love, the teaching, the truth ... they appear for just the blink of an eye and what happened disappears as it came, being nothing more than the malicious whims of a dream, real images that are volatilized when waking up ... and that the spectators they do not know if they have existed ...

Our proposal goes through the opposition between reality and fantasy: it is an experience where, as a revelation, the memories that are normally hidden in the shadows appear. Our character enters a labyrinth, a mystical forest in which beings from reality coexist with others from fantasy and where they are born unexpectedly and make the truth emerge in an ephemeral moment that has the effect of liberating everyday obstacles, total passion and absolute love. It is difficult to establish the threshold that separates both worlds. One must be especially cautious when going from one to the other. We will see how the character reacts in this magical environment. This is the game from which the soul of the show will be drawn, it is the need for reality within fantasy, giving rise to a range of images and references, memories installed in the universe of dreams and that, upon awakening, leave a brushstroke of final cynicism, which manages to banish the possible pain of what happened with a note of joy.

artistic dossier (download)

Photos: Beatrix Molnar - Rufo

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